NextGen was founded in 2002 with the mission of providing world-class software development services at any scale. We wanted to provide really flexible, agile, hi-tech and high quality services irrespective of size of project or client.

Today, we like to believe we have lived up to our promise. We like to think of ourselves as a focused team, taking on disproportionately large challenges, and conquering!


Projects that challenge us, make us unlearn the old and learn the new, projects that make us look for new solutions and innovate, and projects that bring value to your organization.

What has kept us fit?

Our ability to learn fast, adapt quickly to emerging technologies, consistent quality and confidence to commit to and deliver in aggressive timelines.

We have a core team that has been with us a while. We like each otherís company and have learnt to work well as a team. We challenge and also complement each other.

We are a Microsoft certified silver partner. We customize, develop and maintain applications on platforms like Microsoft CRM, Microsoft SharePoint and mobile applications along with Internet Marketing Services.