We have a Young and Passionate Team. Each of us bring different skills and passions to the table. What unites us is a quest for perfection and a drive to deliver against all odds.

SRIRAM - Managing Director

SriRam has over 21 years of experience in managing IT projects. He has envisioned the need for always being on top of the emerging technology trends and advocates their use in all projects. In his own words, he is passionate about 'speed, precision, performance and efficiency'. He works very closely with clients to ensure the brief is met and drives his team to ensure the same.

When he is not driving his team to deliver on NextGen projects, SriRam is an auto-nut and tinkering with cars. In a team of nature lovers, he confesses that he loves the smell of petrol over the smell of grass!

His other interests include tweaking his old school audio setup and working on his LP records collection. His motto in life is "keep pushing!"

He has a Masters in Computer Applications and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. He is also a Microsoft Certified Programmer on platforms like .NET, SharePoint and CRM.